Daisypath Anniversary Tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, March 5, 2012

Life can throw you for a loop sometimes!

Well this month has already been insane! I'm ready for it to be over and its only the 5th. Many tears have been shead and I have seen some people I love very dearly hurting! I hate to see the people I love hurt! My little family has been through the ringer and we are definatly ready for a break! I know that God gives everyone diffrent trials in life but Its still so sad! Sometimes I think a certain person has been through enough and then something horrible will happen to them! I just wonder how much is enough, its crazy to think about! But God wont give you anything you cant overcome! I firmly believe that!
On a better note, I cant wait for next month, its mine and nattys birthday month which hopefully means things will be better! My little princess is turning three which is so crazy to me that I have a three year old, kinda makes me sad how fast it went by! She is my life and its just going way to fast! I'm turning twenty one which I'm very excited about. I will offically be able to do whatever I want if I wanted to do so! That right there is an awesome feeling! Trevor and I will be going to vegas so Chad can show me how to loose money! ha I'm very excited about that also!!
Natalie is doing wonderfully! She is such a smartie pants! She has been going to daycare two days a week for three weeks now and she loves it! She also always falls asleep during quite time! Ha if you make her sit still for a while she cant help but fall asleep! Something else thats funny about her, we have to bring them lunches and I always pack awesome little lunches for her with a drink and fruit snacks treats, everything you can think of. But does she ever want her lunch? Of corse not she wants everyone elses lunch! Oh goodness, she makes me laugh! Well that all for now! Hopefully these next few weeks go over smoothly I dont think I can handle any more saddness!

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