Daisypath Anniversary Tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, March 5, 2012

Life can throw you for a loop sometimes!

Well this month has already been insane! I'm ready for it to be over and its only the 5th. Many tears have been shead and I have seen some people I love very dearly hurting! I hate to see the people I love hurt! My little family has been through the ringer and we are definatly ready for a break! I know that God gives everyone diffrent trials in life but Its still so sad! Sometimes I think a certain person has been through enough and then something horrible will happen to them! I just wonder how much is enough, its crazy to think about! But God wont give you anything you cant overcome! I firmly believe that!
On a better note, I cant wait for next month, its mine and nattys birthday month which hopefully means things will be better! My little princess is turning three which is so crazy to me that I have a three year old, kinda makes me sad how fast it went by! She is my life and its just going way to fast! I'm turning twenty one which I'm very excited about. I will offically be able to do whatever I want if I wanted to do so! That right there is an awesome feeling! Trevor and I will be going to vegas so Chad can show me how to loose money! ha I'm very excited about that also!!
Natalie is doing wonderfully! She is such a smartie pants! She has been going to daycare two days a week for three weeks now and she loves it! She also always falls asleep during quite time! Ha if you make her sit still for a while she cant help but fall asleep! Something else thats funny about her, we have to bring them lunches and I always pack awesome little lunches for her with a drink and fruit snacks treats, everything you can think of. But does she ever want her lunch? Of corse not she wants everyone elses lunch! Oh goodness, she makes me laugh! Well that all for now! Hopefully these next few weeks go over smoothly I dont think I can handle any more saddness!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ready for another break!

Life has been crazy! Fun and amazing but crazy at that! I had two family weddings in Vegas within this last month Rusty & Jessica's and Collin & Brittany's and let me tell you this.. I'm not a fan of that six hour drive. Natty did way good though! She has been potty trained for over a month now and has only had one accident because she didnt make it to the potty in time. Therefore she has been amazing and she LOVES the fact that she gets to wear panties! Back to the drive, she did god both oth the way there and the way back! I'm so proud of my little princess! She is growing up way to fast though and I dont really like that but what am I to do about that? Sometimes I wish it could be like the movie click! Of course I would never be fast forwarding only rewind and pause!
The first wedding was Rusty and Jessica's! It was beautiful and they both looked amazing! The sealing was so much fun and I very happy I got to witness such a beautiful ceremony! Their reception was later that night and they had it at the church house but you would never even know! I was decorated so wonderfully! And the center peices were so cute and unique! Jessica is such a crafty person I need to learn a thing or two from her! She has a lot of way cute Ideas that make me want to have Trevor and my wedding all over again! Ha
The next wedding was Collin and Brittany's! When we got to vegas I went over to Brittany's to stay the night so I could do her hair in the morning! She had to be at the temple very early. I decided to drive her so her future hubby didnt see her until the sealing, it was a good idea until I got pulled over on bananza which for those of you that dont know its the street that goes directly to the temple. Anyways the cop wasnt very friendly, we were already running late and he took 20 mins to write the freaking ticket. I was livid and upset at the same time, mainly because I didnt even realize I was even speeding, and because he made the bride even later and he knew where we were going! So i finally get my ticket and it was for 10 over in a school zone! I thought i was out of the freaking school zone!!! I was not very happy! We are going down in April and trying to either get it dismissed or lowered! I just cant afford to have that on my record! Anyways, The sealing was beautiful and when it was over I got to go to the bridal room to do her hair again for pictures! Brittany and Collin looked so cute! I love them both so much and I'm so happy that they went to the Temple and that Brittany is now my new cousin for Eternity! Their Reception was beautiful and dinner was delish! Natty had some much fun dancing with all of my cousins children and it has been so nice to sse all my family in Vegas twice in such a short period of time!
We ended up staying in vegas until monday! On sunday we went over to my cousin Chanels house and I got to spend the day with her and her cute little girl while Trevor and Chanel's husband Sean went and played in a Poker Tournement, it was a good day and when they got home we went to the Circus with them! It was a lot of fun and Natalie LOVED it! Afterwards Trevor and I drove down the street to where my mom grew up and where we would go for all the holidays until my grandma moved! It made me so sad! It wasnt the place I spent all those years, memories, and laughs. It has changed so mch in the last 8 years. I cant believe how bad it has gotten over there! It had bars on anything and is just a really bad part of town! IT proves though that its the people that make a home not the house or neighborhood!
Now we are back to our normal crazy hectic life and I'm ready for another Vacation! I love weddings but wow are they tiring! I decided I want to blog a lot more, yes I have decided this but will I do it? Probably not! I'm always so busy but I am going to try and not even for other people but for myself! I love going back and reading and seeing what was going on in our crazy life at diffrent times! I'm so grateful for my sweet little family they are my life and I love documenting it! :) Until next time!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

As 2011 comes to a end...

I can't believe that 2011 is over tonight at midnight! This has been a insane year with many ups as well as the downs! Everyone has the down days even if they dont want to admit it! Our little family had a lot happen to us this year! In April I turned twenty, Natalie turned two, and our amazing family was sealed together for time and all eternity on April 30th! It was an amazing day which followed with Nattys Birthday party! P.S. She is VERY spoiled!
September Trevor turned twenty-one and we went to vegas and stayed at my parents house to celebrate! It was a very good weekend. And in November was the day I married my best friend! On November 15 it has been 3 years that my high schhol sweetheart and i have been married! Time flies!
As this year comes to an end I think of all the amazing things that happened this year but I'm so very excited for next year and all the many things 2012 has to offer! I know it will be a life changing year for my little family and I will enjoy every precious moment spent with them! Well I guess I will talk to everyone next year! Have a very safe and fun New Years! Love you all! Now time to go have some laughs and fun with the family!

Happy New Years From the Black Family!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I am...

I am a WIFE
I am ME
I am many positve things but for some reason I am always thinking negative. I need to turn that around. I am responsible for my own life and I can make it great as long as I set my mind to it. I have been caring to much about what people think of me and my family but you know what, it doesnt matter what people think of me! I am my own person and no matter what they think wont change who I am or what I think or believe. I will live my life in the best interst for my family and nobody else. Sometimes you just need to sit and think about what is really important in life. I know for me the most important thing is my husband and my daughter. They are my life and without them I dont know what I would do. All my decisions are based off of them and without them I would be completely lost! I'm so thankful for my little family and also for my parents who raised me to be the person I am today! I just wish I would realize this more often and block everyone else out for a minute!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Vacation was very much needed!

Were back from our weekend Vaca! It was a nice breath of HOT fresh air! :) We left on Thursday and got back Sunday at 1:00am so I guess we technically got back today! It was a blast and some good family time! When we got there we didn't do much because it was like ten or eleven at night, we watched some TV then went to bed. The next day we pretty much just sat around the house being bums..I didn't mind though because it felt good not running around for a change! We went to the grocery store that morning to get some food to cook and snack on for the weekend. We came home, ate dinner and then went for a nice swim. The pool felt so good in that 105 degree weather. Being out of the pool burnt your feet cause it was so hot! Trev and I debating turning on the hot tub for that night but decided against it cause it was still 100 degrees at ten that night! After swimming we got ready and went to the Las Vegas High School's first football game. My mom and dads best friends daughter is the Varsity cheer captain so we went to watch her cheer, I guess it was a good game, I wouldn't know cause I know nothing of that sport. ha oh well but that's what I was told! :) It was so hot, a little bit hard to enjoy ourselves but we still had a blast! Natalie got to meet the wild cat and she thought that was pretty cool. So my daughter is a little too friendly I think now. She kept sitting with some random stranger pretty much throughout the whole game. The lady was very nice but it worries me a bit to think Natalie will pretty much go to anybody... Scary thought with all these crazy people now days.. Anyways after the game we went to dinner with Chad, Tina and Aly at Jerry's Nugget and got the Prime Rib...MM MM it was delicious, which is Natalie's favorite new word by the way. Jerry's Nugget has the best side salads, I don't know what it is about them but to me they are to die for!

Aly and Natty!

Aly and Natalie with the Wild Cat

Us three girls :)

The next day we got up a little early ate breakfast and then went to the swap meet to find some sunglasses. We did and Trev, Natty and I all have some new shades to wear! Natalie's are so cute and I'm so happy we found them she is a stylish little 2 year old! We also got Natty some little Lime green converse, THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!! Afterwards we went over to Tina and Chads house and Natalie went with Tina to a little nursery swim party, while Trevor and I went shoe shopping and Nordstrom Rack. Trevor was in serious need for a new pair of shoes, you could see his big toe, and he had a talking soul! :P After that we went and got Natalie and went back to the house and swam with my Aunt Julie. Afterwards she took us to dinner at the Claim Jumper, for all of you that don't know what that is, they are owned by the same people that own The Cheesecake Factory, so the have really really good food! After dinner we went to the silver nugget with Chad and Tina and went bowling with them and their friends. It was a good time, and then we went home to bed.

Natty rocking her new shades!

I love this little girl with ALL my heart!!!

Daddy's little princess!

The final day we cleaned the house, went swimming and them went over to Tina's so I could do her Gel Toes. They were very cute. Then we needed to go home so we quickly went over to my aunt and uncles house, Margaret and Steve to visit for a few minutes, It was good to see them only wish we could have stayed longer but as it was we still didn't get home until 1:00am.

Pool Time!
The fountains in the pool! Natalie loved them!

Another view of the pool with the hot tub!

The bed we stayed in that made for such a relaxing trip!! :)

On our journey home we had a grand Ole throw-up experience. hmmmm those are always fun....not! Natalie I think got motion sickness because all of a sudden she was a throw-up fountain, I feel so bad for my little princess when she gets sick! Not only did the whole throwing up thing suck, she did it in the middle or the gorge and if you know what I'm talking about there is like absolutely nowhere to pull over so that made matters worse. The rest of the ride the car smelt like puke. Oh well we had an awesome weekend that made up for it! I cant wait until the end of September because we are going back again for Trev's 21st! Cant wait it will be a blast!
Also on a ending note Natalie is being potty trained and doing a wonderful job! What makes it even better...It was her choice! Well until next time!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

weekend get here fast please!

ahhh so not excited for this week and Thursday night couldn't come fast enough! I have work and school everyday so by the end of the day I am physically and emotionally exhausted and really don't want to do anything except for going to bed! I feel bad for my little Nattyb because its not fare to have a mommy who is always gone! All I know is when all this is over it will be SO worth it! I will be home a lot more with my baby girl and be making more money so we are not so financially stressed out!
Were hoping that Trev will be getting a raise this next month! He is coming up on two years at OC Tanner on September 21st! We are just praying some good things start coming our way! I know we are blessed when we pay our tithing I have seen the blessings first hand, but every month I feel like if we pay that money we wont be able to pay our bills! I know the Lord works in many ways and I just need to put all my faith in his hands and everything will turn out good!

School has been good, stressful but good. I'm continuing to learn and I think I'm doing pretty well! I have quite a few clients and the list is growing. Haven't really had any complaints so far which is awesome! I love coloring hair its my all time favorite thing to do! I love making people look more and more beautiful than they already are! I believe that everybody is beautiful and that you can just add to their beauty! I love the business I'm going into and cant wait until I take my tests and get my licence! It's a little stressing thinking about those tests because I know some people who have failed a few times before passing and that worries me because its like $75 each time you take the stupid thing. I was talking with my teacher Lyle though and he told me I can take my test at 1500 hours instead of 2000 which will be great, so i can get it out of the way! I have been studying like crazy. I cant take it until February but I want to have it down before I take it so I do well!

weave I did

And another

Trevor is doing good at work! He makes some beautiful things and I am so proud of how much he has accomplished in the past few years! The work he does is amazing! I will post some pictures of his designs! He does custom work and can pretty much make whatever somebody wants him to make. I wish we made more money so we could get some beautiful jewelry for ourselves. oh well One day right. I can't even freaking wait ha! I love Trevor so much and I cant believe we have almost been together for 4 years and married for 3! Time flies. We now have a beautiful two year old daughter who is way to smart for her own good and a little house that we can call our own! Here are so photos of Trevor's Designs! There are many more!

This one is my FAVORITE! Love it!

More to come.....

We are still in the process of remodeling and it will be so nice when it is all complete! As soon as we are done with the inside of the house we will start working on the outside. And that day will be one happy day. So far we have the master bedroom, master bathroom, guest bedroom and little miss Natalie's room done which in my opinion isn't half bad...of course we still have the kitchen, living room, dining room, hallway and other bathroom to finish but hey I think were doing good!

Natty's Bedroom

Our shower in the Master bath, I think Trevor did a very good job, don't ya think?

Well I have said as much as I can for today! Big surprise I'm tired but I'm proud of myself blogging to days in a row! :) I'm just way too busy to do it everyday! Oh well!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Dang I sure do suck at keeping this updated!

Lets see.....SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED! Lets start at the beginning, hmmmm in April there was a lot of big events. I turned twenty and I am officially an adult there is no teen in my age any longer, so that was a grand day! We celebrated my 20Th by going to a movie "Water for elephants" which was an amazing movie by the way, and afterwards went to my favorite restaurant of all time which is Tucanos, mmmmm it was delicious! A couple days later my mom took me to Ross and bought me a whole new wardrobe, and two pairs of Steve Madden wedges that are way cute! I'm glad to finally have some clothes that fit me! For the longest time I was buying clothes that I wanted to be able to fit into and those clothes were not flattering on me at all! It was a tough realization buying the clothes that actual fit me because I didn't want to accept my new self!

Trevor and I at Tucanos Brazilian Steak House!

The next big day would be my gorgeous daughter Natalie Elizabeth Black's second Birthday! She is so cute! At this time she was obsessed with monkeys so she had a monkey theme wedding with a monkey pinata,cake and inflatables!!! She loved it, and had a blast! I cant even believe my little baby girl is two! Makes me sad how fast the time has gone!

Wow so big now! :(

This is Natty 2 days old with her friend Makena who was 3 months at the time!!

Natty and Trevor at Bounce Around Utah for her Birthday!

Natalie's adorable monkey cake! She was so excited!!

My Gorgeous Princess! I love her so much!

Also in April the most AMAZING thing happened! Our cute little family was sealed for time and all eternity! I am truly blessed to have the amazing family and support system anyone could ever ask for! Every new day is an adventure, and I cant imagine my life any different! Things are just getting better and better! I'm so excited for the future and to spend the rest of my life and eternity with my amazing family!

April 30Th 2011 the day we got sealed for Eternity!!!

Not sure which month but my parents bought a second home in Las Vegas so we went down there for the weekend to take a look! It is a beautiful house with a pool and I'm so jealous! Not that they have a second home but the fact that they only paid a little bit more for the house down there than Trev and I paid for our old house! The housing crashed down in Vegas so you can get WAY nice houses for very cheap! Wish we had the money to go get one down there! Its so nice to get away! We are going down there this weekend and I cant wait! Especially because we are going to go jet skiing with my parents friends at lake mead! That will be a blast and to see all my family with be amazing!

Our anniversary is coming up here in a few months and I'm so excited! We are going on a mini getaway! We got this awesome deal through KSL deals and we are going to park city and staying in a cute little Lodge down there that normally cost $294 a night and we get it for $99! It comes with a free upgraded room in available, 15% off our food at the lodge restaurants, a gift basket for the room and a $25 gift certificate to the local spa! I cant wait to get away and relax at the spa and it the hot tubs! When we got married we didn't really do anything that fun so it will be a great experience! We planning on going tubing down the mountain and all the fun stuff Park city has to offer in November!!!

Here are some more pictures from this year! Until next time! :)

My good friend Mallory had her little Marcus in April, and he is just too cute! He was born in Hawaii and they have now moved back to Utah and I'm so happy! This was Natalie and Marcus first meeting! She kept wanting to hold him and give him his Binky! It was super cute!

Both mine and Trevor's dads were out of town so we sent them this adorable picture!

This is my Grandpa and Grandma Conger with Natty! They matched!!

Our cute little family on the forth of July! Watching fireworks!

Natalie's new little boyfriend Hayden! Its my friend Brianna's little nephew and they play so cute together!