Daisypath Anniversary Tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ready for another break!

Life has been crazy! Fun and amazing but crazy at that! I had two family weddings in Vegas within this last month Rusty & Jessica's and Collin & Brittany's and let me tell you this.. I'm not a fan of that six hour drive. Natty did way good though! She has been potty trained for over a month now and has only had one accident because she didnt make it to the potty in time. Therefore she has been amazing and she LOVES the fact that she gets to wear panties! Back to the drive, she did god both oth the way there and the way back! I'm so proud of my little princess! She is growing up way to fast though and I dont really like that but what am I to do about that? Sometimes I wish it could be like the movie click! Of course I would never be fast forwarding only rewind and pause!
The first wedding was Rusty and Jessica's! It was beautiful and they both looked amazing! The sealing was so much fun and I very happy I got to witness such a beautiful ceremony! Their reception was later that night and they had it at the church house but you would never even know! I was decorated so wonderfully! And the center peices were so cute and unique! Jessica is such a crafty person I need to learn a thing or two from her! She has a lot of way cute Ideas that make me want to have Trevor and my wedding all over again! Ha
The next wedding was Collin and Brittany's! When we got to vegas I went over to Brittany's to stay the night so I could do her hair in the morning! She had to be at the temple very early. I decided to drive her so her future hubby didnt see her until the sealing, it was a good idea until I got pulled over on bananza which for those of you that dont know its the street that goes directly to the temple. Anyways the cop wasnt very friendly, we were already running late and he took 20 mins to write the freaking ticket. I was livid and upset at the same time, mainly because I didnt even realize I was even speeding, and because he made the bride even later and he knew where we were going! So i finally get my ticket and it was for 10 over in a school zone! I thought i was out of the freaking school zone!!! I was not very happy! We are going down in April and trying to either get it dismissed or lowered! I just cant afford to have that on my record! Anyways, The sealing was beautiful and when it was over I got to go to the bridal room to do her hair again for pictures! Brittany and Collin looked so cute! I love them both so much and I'm so happy that they went to the Temple and that Brittany is now my new cousin for Eternity! Their Reception was beautiful and dinner was delish! Natty had some much fun dancing with all of my cousins children and it has been so nice to sse all my family in Vegas twice in such a short period of time!
We ended up staying in vegas until monday! On sunday we went over to my cousin Chanels house and I got to spend the day with her and her cute little girl while Trevor and Chanel's husband Sean went and played in a Poker Tournement, it was a good day and when they got home we went to the Circus with them! It was a lot of fun and Natalie LOVED it! Afterwards Trevor and I drove down the street to where my mom grew up and where we would go for all the holidays until my grandma moved! It made me so sad! It wasnt the place I spent all those years, memories, and laughs. It has changed so mch in the last 8 years. I cant believe how bad it has gotten over there! It had bars on anything and is just a really bad part of town! IT proves though that its the people that make a home not the house or neighborhood!
Now we are back to our normal crazy hectic life and I'm ready for another Vacation! I love weddings but wow are they tiring! I decided I want to blog a lot more, yes I have decided this but will I do it? Probably not! I'm always so busy but I am going to try and not even for other people but for myself! I love going back and reading and seeing what was going on in our crazy life at diffrent times! I'm so grateful for my sweet little family they are my life and I love documenting it! :) Until next time!

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