Daisypath Anniversary Tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, August 29, 2011

Vacation was very much needed!

Were back from our weekend Vaca! It was a nice breath of HOT fresh air! :) We left on Thursday and got back Sunday at 1:00am so I guess we technically got back today! It was a blast and some good family time! When we got there we didn't do much because it was like ten or eleven at night, we watched some TV then went to bed. The next day we pretty much just sat around the house being bums..I didn't mind though because it felt good not running around for a change! We went to the grocery store that morning to get some food to cook and snack on for the weekend. We came home, ate dinner and then went for a nice swim. The pool felt so good in that 105 degree weather. Being out of the pool burnt your feet cause it was so hot! Trev and I debating turning on the hot tub for that night but decided against it cause it was still 100 degrees at ten that night! After swimming we got ready and went to the Las Vegas High School's first football game. My mom and dads best friends daughter is the Varsity cheer captain so we went to watch her cheer, I guess it was a good game, I wouldn't know cause I know nothing of that sport. ha oh well but that's what I was told! :) It was so hot, a little bit hard to enjoy ourselves but we still had a blast! Natalie got to meet the wild cat and she thought that was pretty cool. So my daughter is a little too friendly I think now. She kept sitting with some random stranger pretty much throughout the whole game. The lady was very nice but it worries me a bit to think Natalie will pretty much go to anybody... Scary thought with all these crazy people now days.. Anyways after the game we went to dinner with Chad, Tina and Aly at Jerry's Nugget and got the Prime Rib...MM MM it was delicious, which is Natalie's favorite new word by the way. Jerry's Nugget has the best side salads, I don't know what it is about them but to me they are to die for!

Aly and Natty!

Aly and Natalie with the Wild Cat

Us three girls :)

The next day we got up a little early ate breakfast and then went to the swap meet to find some sunglasses. We did and Trev, Natty and I all have some new shades to wear! Natalie's are so cute and I'm so happy we found them she is a stylish little 2 year old! We also got Natty some little Lime green converse, THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!! Afterwards we went over to Tina and Chads house and Natalie went with Tina to a little nursery swim party, while Trevor and I went shoe shopping and Nordstrom Rack. Trevor was in serious need for a new pair of shoes, you could see his big toe, and he had a talking soul! :P After that we went and got Natalie and went back to the house and swam with my Aunt Julie. Afterwards she took us to dinner at the Claim Jumper, for all of you that don't know what that is, they are owned by the same people that own The Cheesecake Factory, so the have really really good food! After dinner we went to the silver nugget with Chad and Tina and went bowling with them and their friends. It was a good time, and then we went home to bed.

Natty rocking her new shades!

I love this little girl with ALL my heart!!!

Daddy's little princess!

The final day we cleaned the house, went swimming and them went over to Tina's so I could do her Gel Toes. They were very cute. Then we needed to go home so we quickly went over to my aunt and uncles house, Margaret and Steve to visit for a few minutes, It was good to see them only wish we could have stayed longer but as it was we still didn't get home until 1:00am.

Pool Time!
The fountains in the pool! Natalie loved them!

Another view of the pool with the hot tub!

The bed we stayed in that made for such a relaxing trip!! :)

On our journey home we had a grand Ole throw-up experience. hmmmm those are always fun....not! Natalie I think got motion sickness because all of a sudden she was a throw-up fountain, I feel so bad for my little princess when she gets sick! Not only did the whole throwing up thing suck, she did it in the middle or the gorge and if you know what I'm talking about there is like absolutely nowhere to pull over so that made matters worse. The rest of the ride the car smelt like puke. Oh well we had an awesome weekend that made up for it! I cant wait until the end of September because we are going back again for Trev's 21st! Cant wait it will be a blast!
Also on a ending note Natalie is being potty trained and doing a wonderful job! What makes it even better...It was her choice! Well until next time!

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