Daisypath Anniversary Tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

weekend get here fast please!

ahhh so not excited for this week and Thursday night couldn't come fast enough! I have work and school everyday so by the end of the day I am physically and emotionally exhausted and really don't want to do anything except for going to bed! I feel bad for my little Nattyb because its not fare to have a mommy who is always gone! All I know is when all this is over it will be SO worth it! I will be home a lot more with my baby girl and be making more money so we are not so financially stressed out!
Were hoping that Trev will be getting a raise this next month! He is coming up on two years at OC Tanner on September 21st! We are just praying some good things start coming our way! I know we are blessed when we pay our tithing I have seen the blessings first hand, but every month I feel like if we pay that money we wont be able to pay our bills! I know the Lord works in many ways and I just need to put all my faith in his hands and everything will turn out good!

School has been good, stressful but good. I'm continuing to learn and I think I'm doing pretty well! I have quite a few clients and the list is growing. Haven't really had any complaints so far which is awesome! I love coloring hair its my all time favorite thing to do! I love making people look more and more beautiful than they already are! I believe that everybody is beautiful and that you can just add to their beauty! I love the business I'm going into and cant wait until I take my tests and get my licence! It's a little stressing thinking about those tests because I know some people who have failed a few times before passing and that worries me because its like $75 each time you take the stupid thing. I was talking with my teacher Lyle though and he told me I can take my test at 1500 hours instead of 2000 which will be great, so i can get it out of the way! I have been studying like crazy. I cant take it until February but I want to have it down before I take it so I do well!

weave I did

And another

Trevor is doing good at work! He makes some beautiful things and I am so proud of how much he has accomplished in the past few years! The work he does is amazing! I will post some pictures of his designs! He does custom work and can pretty much make whatever somebody wants him to make. I wish we made more money so we could get some beautiful jewelry for ourselves. oh well One day right. I can't even freaking wait ha! I love Trevor so much and I cant believe we have almost been together for 4 years and married for 3! Time flies. We now have a beautiful two year old daughter who is way to smart for her own good and a little house that we can call our own! Here are so photos of Trevor's Designs! There are many more!

This one is my FAVORITE! Love it!

More to come.....

We are still in the process of remodeling and it will be so nice when it is all complete! As soon as we are done with the inside of the house we will start working on the outside. And that day will be one happy day. So far we have the master bedroom, master bathroom, guest bedroom and little miss Natalie's room done which in my opinion isn't half bad...of course we still have the kitchen, living room, dining room, hallway and other bathroom to finish but hey I think were doing good!

Natty's Bedroom

Our shower in the Master bath, I think Trevor did a very good job, don't ya think?

Well I have said as much as I can for today! Big surprise I'm tired but I'm proud of myself blogging to days in a row! :) I'm just way too busy to do it everyday! Oh well!

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